Landlords and Tenant Dilapidation Assessments

Dilapidations is a specialist area of law between a landlord and tenant. Corporate Building Consultancy are able to offer expert advice in this complex field.

Dealing with dilapidations correctly requires an in-depth understanding of the recognised protocol, legal framework and building expertise. Getting it wrong can be costly! Corporate Building Consultancy offers dilapidation advice at every stage during the period of a lease.

  • We advise tenants on their potential dilapidation liability prior to entering into a lease.
  • We also offer advice to landlords and tenants during, or close to the end of, a lease so that their obligations and liabilities can be assessed and planned for.
  • When a condition of a lease has been breached we are able to prepare, or respond to, a schedule of dilapidations and negotiate the most favourable settlement for our client.

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