Commercial Building Surveys

Survey of a Commercial Premises in Bristol

Despite the recent referendum result for the UK to leave the European Union, instructions for Commercial Building Surveys remains strong.  Now more than ever however it is important for organisations to ensure that they have a robust survey of any property they are considering acquiring.

Our commercial surveys give our clients some real bargaining power – particularly for older properties.

Building defects can often be hidden and are not necessarily apparent to valuers.  Roofs in particular can have a significant effect on operations and can be costly to repair or replace.  Our comprehensive commercial building surveys give our clients all the information they need to negotiate good terms for freehold acquisitions.  For leasehold acquisitions our surveys also include a dilapidations section which advises our client on their liability under a full repairing lease.  Obtaining this advice prior to an acquisition is critical if significant costs are to be avoided at the end of the term.

If you require a survey of a commercial property please contact Mark Brothwell on 01934 710 789 or

Posted by Mark on July 25th 2016

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