Condition Improvement Fund 2017-18 Successful Bids

CIF Successful bid

There are many factors which can influence a successful bid to the EFA’s Condition Improvement Fund.   In this article we explore what we believe to be some of the common misconceptions of applicants as well as the ‘must dos’.

Before we began to assist some of our current clients they were working on the misconception that presenting a successful bid was all about ‘bid writing’.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  We believe that there are three main aspects of a successful bid.

Firstly, bids should accord with the EFAs stated priorities.  There is little point in submitting a bid which the EFA have stated will score low points.  Compliance, health and safety and building fabric condition have been the top priorities now for many years.  Successful bids are likely to come from one of these categories.

Secondly, the bid should provide strong evidence.  Evidence can take many forms – independent surveys from a professional however will go a long way in demonstrating the problem and the remedy.  Reports from contractors with a vested interest will carry less weight than a report from an independent consultant.

Finally, bids should demonstrate that the project has been thought through.  Information on risk analysis, programming, cost certainty and contingency planning will all help in giving the EFA the comfort they are looking for that the project is achievable.

Over the years CBC Education have assisted their clients in obtaining millions of pounds of funding.  From the old ACMF to the current CIF.  Our clients come to us year on year and are successful year on year.  We have developed ‘EFA friendly’ reports which comply with the CIF portal data upload limits.  We have secured funding for some of the largest projects in the country as well as smaller, but critical, projects.

If you would like to discuss your plans, please contact Mark Brothwell on 01934 710 789 or  Mark will be happy to give you some free consultation advice.

Posted by Mark on September 12th 2016

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