Dilapidation Advice

 Dilapidation matters in commercial properties can be complex.  The skills required to offer sound advice to clients, bridge the legal and property professions.  Corporate Building Consultancy are specialists in this often complex field.

Understanding the obligations of the various parties to a lease is one half of the skill set which is required.  This involves the ability to assess and understand specific lease clauses as well as the legal principles which underpin them.

The other aspect is an understanding of when a building element is considered to be in ‘disrepair’.  This requires a deep technical knowledge of buildings and how they perform.

Unfortunately some professionals accept dilapidation instructions without having both the skill sets required.  Our Chartered Building Surveyors have been advising multinational financial institutions, national motor dealers and FTSE insurance companies for many years.  We advise both landlords and tenants, large and small.

If you need any assistance with a dilapidation matter contact one of our experts Mark Brothwell on 01934 710 789 or email mark@corporatebuildingconsultancy.com

Posted by Mark on July 5th 2015

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