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Defence of a Claim of Dilapidations in Somerset

Receiving a claim for dilapidations can be a very distressing experience – particularly for small or medium sized companies who are less familiar with the process.  Corporate Building Consultancy have successfully defended many overstated claims from overzealous landlords.

One of our dilapidation experts, Mark Brothwell DipSur MRICS, explains that one of his clients received a claim in excess of £600,000.  This was after he had just advised his client that his dilapidation liability was in the region of £150,000!  Fortunately, Mark was again proved right as the matter was settled at £100,000 – without going to court.

This case highlights the need for tenants to seek expert advice in this complex field which sits between law and property expertise.  It also highlights the need for landlords and their professional advisors to be reasonable in their claim.  There can be serious consequences for landlords who overstated their claim as a court will often take this into account when awarding costs.

If you need any assistance with defending or preparing a schedule of dilapidations, please contact Mark Brothwell on 01934 710 789 or mark@corporatebuildingconsultancy.com

Posted by Mark on July 18th 2016

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