Dilapidations in Somerset

Following the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, most analysts are expecting a downturn in commercial property activity.  Consequently, Landlords will be concerned about the potential loss of rental income.

It’s common in times of economic uncertainty for landlords to adopt a fairly robust claim for dilapidations.  This can give rise to unreasonable claims.  Making an unreasonable claim however is not in the interest of either party.

The courts are becoming more consistent in their stance against unreasonable claims.  If a landlord is deemed to have inflated a claim they could find that costs are awarded against them!  Equally tenants who understate the damage could find that costs are awarded against them.

It’s important therefore that dilapidation claims are dealt with in a reasonable manner.  Our knowledge in this, sometimes complex, area of law is invaluable for our clients.  We adopt a robust but ‘reasonable’ approach.  Our Dilapidation Assessment Reports are objective and advise our client on the Dilapidation Liability – whether they are a Landlord or a Tenant.  From this information our Tenant clients are able to plan for a settlement.  Equally our Landlord clients are able to forecast their income which will materialise once a settlement has been negotiated.

If you need any assistance with a dilapidation matter, please contact one of our experts for an initial no fee phone consultation on 01934 710 789.  Alternatively email us at mark@corporatebuildingconsultancy.com

Posted by Mark on August 1st 2016

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