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Commercial Property Survey in Somerset

With the prospect of the final approval of Hinkley Point C on the horizon many local businesses will be reviewing their property needs over the next five to ten years.  For many this will mean either extending their existing premises or moving to a larger facility.  Obtaining the right advice on these critical decisions is imperative.  Corporate Building Consultancy are able to assist your businesses with these decisions in a variety of ways.

Property Assessment:  Moving premises is just one option for a business that needs more space.  One of our clients was once convinced that they needed to invest a significant sum of money on a new property.  Our assessment of their existing premises however revealed that – with some clever space planning – they actually had enough space at their existing site.  This saved them half a million pounds!

Commercial Property Survey:  If moving premises is required Corporate Building Consultancy undertake comprehensive Building Surveys of commercial premises.  Our reports are invaluable when negotiating good lease terms or the freehold acquisition price.

Dilapidations:  One element of moving premises which is often overlooked is the matter of Dilapidations.  Corporate Building Consultancy are experts in this complex area of law.  We act for both tenants and landlords and advise many local Somerset firms on dilapidation matters.

Design and Project Management:  Sometimes the best option for a business is to extend or alter their existing premises.  Our in-house design team are able to advise on all aspects of building alteration, refurbishment and extension.  We manage projects from the initial conceptual design; through the planning process; specification and tender to on-site inspection.

If you require any assistance with your existing or new premises, contact Mark Brothwell on 01934 710 789 or mark@corporatebuildingconsultancy.com

Posted by Mark on August 2nd 2016

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