MAT Property Surveys

Multi Academy Trust Property Surveys

An increasing number of our clients are either in the process of or are considering becoming, Multi Academy Trusts.  For any large organisation having a clear understanding of the condition of their property is critical if they are to effectively manage their assets.

Managing property effectively can save significant sums of money which can be redeployed into front line education.

CBC Education have launched their new MAT Property Surveys to assist schools who are going through the process of becoming a Multi Academy Trust.

Our new MAT surveys have been developed specifically for schools who are thinking of becoming a Multi Academy Trust.  There are three different types of survey depending upon the level of information which is required and the funds available.

[GMS] General Mat Survey:  External Wind and Watertight Survey

[AMS] Advanced MAT Survey: Internal & External Survey

[HMS] Higher MAT Survey: Thorough Survey with Cost Estimates

All of our surveys will involve a detailed inspection of the school buildings which are to form the MAT.

The GMS will report on the main external elements which are likely to require a significant capital expenditure.  This information is critical to Academies as it would allow negotiations with the Local Authority regarding costly repairs to be undertaken prior to the conversion of the school.

If a more extensive survey is required the AMS will look at both the external and internal areas.

Where academies are likely to require funding for major capital works the HMS will provide a thorough condition survey along with a cost estimate of each building element.

The first step to effective property management is a survey.  CBC Education’s new MAT Property Surveys will give academies the information they need to:

  • Negotiate repair works with the Local Authority prior to the school becoming a MAT

  • Obtain funding for capital works from the EFA

  • Make strategic property management decisions

  • Ensure that a due diligence process has been adopted during the academy conversion

For more information call 01934 710 789.  A qualified Chartered Building Surveyor will undertake an initial free of charge assessment of your facility and discuss your objectives with you.  Alternatively contact Mark Brothwell by email at:

Posted by Mark on March 12th 2015

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