Why Commission A Commercial Property Survey?

Commercial Building Surveys in Bristol and Somerset (including Bridgwater, Taunton, Bath and Yeovil

Many of our commercial clients in Bristol and Somerset (including Bridgwater, Taunton Bath and Yeovil) instruct Corporate Building Consultancy to undertake a commercial property survey because they understand that in the long run it will save them money!

One of the most important issues to consider when acquiring a leasehold interest in a commercial property is dilapidations.  Understanding the physical condition of a property is important from an operational point of view.  Understanding the liability for repairs and maintenance however is critical from a financial point of view.  This element of a property survey is often overlooked.  Many tenants are therefore caught out at the end of the lease when the landlord makes a claim against them for dilapidations.

Our surveys detail the physical condition of a premises but also advise on the immediate dilapidation liability.  This means that prospective tenants can negotiate good terms before they sign a lease.  In many cases this can save them tens of thousands of pounds at the end of the lease.

If you are considering entering into a new lease and would like some advice contact one of our Chartered Surveyors - Mark Brothwell DipSurv FRICS on 01934 710 789 or mark@corporatebuildingconsultancy.com.  Mark will be happy to give you some initial free consultation advice.

Posted by Mark on September 12th 2016

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